24 September 2019

Press release September 2019: Diamond burnishing tools deliver outstanding surface qualities

zeus diamond burnishing tools deliver outstanding surface qualities

QUICK’s form knurling range completely overhauled

Diamond burnishing tools and marking technology from zeus and form knurling tools from QUICK – Hommel+Keller Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH used the international industrial platform provided by AMB in September 2018 and by Turning Days in February 2019 to showcase its latest innovations. Visitors have the opportunity to find out more about the manifold benefits offered by this innovative, expert-developed technology.

“The major highlight of AMB and Turning Days is our new range of zeus diamond burnishing tools, with which ultra-fine surfaces with roughness depths of less than Rz 1 µm can be created easily, quickly, efficiently and economically on almost any geometry and material,” says Adrian Sunderer, product manager at Hommel+Keller Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH. In this reliable procedure, the high-precision, polished diamond tip at the head of the tool with adjustable contact pressure glides over the component and uses cold deformation to change the roughness of the surface. As a result, the surface of the workpiece is burnished and strengthened without chips, which also improves the surface's dynamic load capacity and contact ratio. This offers a whole range of benefits, as the machined workpieces offer better performance, can withstand more extreme stresses and are more durable. In addition, the burnished components help to reduce wear and tear on the machine elements and reduce operating temperatures and operational noises.

The zeus diamond burnishing tools are ideal for any series size – whether small- or large-scale – as well as for the manufacture of prototypes. They can also be used on all standard lathes (conventional, fixed head, automatic lathe and Swiss-type lathes), with their compact design making it possible to use them in machines where space is restricted. They are easy to handle and user-friendly and can be used without additional equipment.

Simple marking technology

Visitors of AMB were also wowed by Hommel+Keller’s marking technology, which the experts have now made even easier to deploy. The zeus marking tools are now available in a set, meaning that all tools are supplied with a basic shank – for example 16 x 16 mm – and two shank adapters – such as at 20 x 20 mm and 25 x 25 mm. This means that a tool can be used easily on multiple machines.

Adrian Sunderer explains, “One focal point was the new standard programme in the modular system, which allows operators to mark their components flexibly, individually and without any significant investment.” The set comprises series 432 marking tools with segment carriers. Exchangeable segments are available from the factory: a letter set (A–Z), a number set (0–9) and special characters (minus, dot and slash). All characters can also be obtained individually. “The ease with which the segments can be exchanged offers countless letter and number combinations. Since the tools are used on lathes and milling machines, the components no longer have to be transferred to separate machines for marking. This all helps to reduce non-productive time,” adds Adrian Sunderer.

New form knurling tools from QUICK

There are also lots of exciting new things to discover in QUICK’s range of form knurling tools, which Hommel+Keller has completely overhauled. The F711 and F712 form knurling tools offer maximum flexibility. These can be quickly and easily converted from a single- to a double-roller tool (and back again), which allows any standard knurling profile to be created. And with the F712, knurling up to the shoulder is no problem. The F751 and F761 form knurling tools enable a tangential machining with the operators benefit of a high level of process stability. The F751 has been specially developed for longitudinal lathes. The F791 and F792 tools, which have three knurling wheels, offer even greater process stability and can also easily be used in confined spaces thanks to their compact design. The ability to exchange the knurl holder jaws means that these tools can also be used for knurl cutting.