28 March 2017

Face knurling integrated in machining process = Increase in efficiency

The job for the application engineers of Hommel + Keller Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH was clearly stated: The turned part with face knurling profile should be completely processed on the turning centre. Hitherto, the processing was split and executed on two different machines: The face knurling was applied on a separate machine and afterwards the part was completed on the turning centre.

The workpiece

The workpiece of material 1.4404 is part of a component assembly of a connector casing. The face knurling profile serves as anti-twist device for fixing the counterpart.

The tool

The solution of our experts is a special tool with with a 45° conical knurling wheel, slanted at 45°. Radial processing applies the tooth profile on the face side of the workpiece. The decisive criterion for the successful knurling profile is the pitch of the applied knurling wheel which refers to the pitch circle of the workpiece. Adjustments of the pitch circle can yet be done on the traverse path of the machine. The X-Axis determines the requested pitch on the workpiece in this process. The pitch circle of the knurling wheel is adjusted to the pitch circle of the workpiece. To get the required pitch, it is essential to approach the median pitch circle of the knurling wheel. By proceeding the X-axis the quantity of teeth can be adjusted, if required. The actual gear tooth forming is done via infeed on the Z-axis. The infeed of this application is 0,35 mm (Z-axis).

The advantages

This production process increases the efficiency and significantly reduces the throughput time as wait times and set-up times are thus avoided.

Application parameters

Sufficient oil lubrication is preconditioned. Due to material displacement the knurling profile has to be laterally fine feeded with a turning steel.

Knurling tool: RW311-16R15K14-45°
Speed rate: 30 m / min
Feed rate: 0,12 mm / rev.