2 August 2017

Impressive detail on a cork ring

To set themselves apart from the competition and highlight the premium nature of their product, few industries attach as much importance to packaging as the luxury food and drink industry. One manufacturer was looking for a cost-efficient and high-precision solution for lettering a cork ring that might give the bottle an attractive piece of detail that cold prove decisive in a customer‘s decision to buy the product.

Application requirements

A cork ring prevents the cork slipping too deep
into the bottle. The task was to emboss lettering,
completely uniform in appearance, onto a
22-mm-diameter metal ring. High precision and
perfect reproducibility are mandatory specifications for this application. Also the tool should be cost-effecient and easy to use.

Special parameters

• High-volume production
• High-precision and clear lettering
• Consistent typeface
• Perfect combination of optics and haptics

Application optimization

Because of the uniform lettering of every single bottle a marking roll is the optimum solution. This roll, however must be perfectly adapted to the diameter of the workpiece and has to show a high concentric accuracy to guarantee a perfect result at the end. All 17 letters have to be accurately positioned on the marking roll with uniform spacing - each with a height of 1.5 mm. As the focus was as much on consistently high quality and precision as on the economical and simple machining of these mass-produced parts, our application engineer chose a marking tool of the series 131 which perfectly matches the task.


The results are impressive and perfectly unite the look and feel. Not only does the marking tool from Hommel+Keller Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH lend the cork ring an impressive piece of detail, but shorter machining and set-up times and the absence of transit and idle times help to lower unit costs and increase cost-effectiveness. The perfect solution for lettering large and medium production volumes quickly, precisely and cost-effectively.