6 April 2017

Limitless marking – Flexibility is the key!

The latest top product of Hommel+Keller Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH combines full flexibility and precision of the well-proven segment marking tool 431 with decisive additional features: Work pieces can be marked to a shoulder. The marking segments are exchangeable according to the particular requirements and the reading direction does not have to be considered (with centrical layout).

Cost saving

• Marking of different work piece diameters
• Increased wear resistance due to special surface
• Applicable on various machine types (shank adapter)
• Complete machining of the work piece
• Flexible and economic adjustment of the marking text
due to exchangeable segments
• Reduction of unit costs

Application requirements

Application: Work pieces with different diameters
Marking up to a shoulder isnecessary
Field of application: Code number for identification
Material: Cold processable materials
Machine: CNC- / CAM-controlled

Application example

A concrete application put the oustanding features of our product novelty to the test:
• Requirement: marking to a shoulder
• Requested was a tool which should be applicable for all work pieces independent of the reading direction (with centrical layout)
• The marking tool should be matching different CNC- / CAM-controlled swiss type autolathes
• Work pieces with diverse diameters should be marked.

Application data

Marking tool: 432-08R300818
Speed rate (Vc): 5 m / min
Feed rate (f): 0,1 - 0,15 mm / U

zeus 432-08R300818


Applied was zeus tool no. 432-08R300818. Its spring return
system makes it suitable for the marking of various work
piece diameters.

Exchangeable marking segments guarantee a fast and easy
adjustment of the requested text. If a completely different text
is needed, the whole segment support unit incl. return spring
and segments can be exchanged.

The modular shank design of tool 432 allows an economic
application on all common CNC- / CAM-controlled swiss type

Process reliability:
- Uniform unwinding on the work piece
- High dimension accuracy
- Precise positioning of the tool
- Reproducibility can be 100 % guaranteed

Reduced wear:
- A special surface hardening prevents premature abrasive


Reading direction:
The segments are designed in a way that they can be inserted
both-sided. This makes the tool applicable for all work
pieces independent from the reading direction.

Marking Process

Benefit from our innovation energy and convince yourself of the efficiency of our latest product:
zeus 432-08R300818. We look forward to your enquiries!