15 August 2017

Machining in a clamp reduces set-up times significantly

In order to manufacture items cost-effectively, it is particularly important to ensure that machines and tools are changed as infrequently as possible – including those used in the production of fitting parts for installation and sanitation technology, and when employed in hydraulics and pneumatics. For example, pipe fittings have their threads roughened to be sealed at a later point in time and are marked with an identification number. The integration of these process steps into the machining process is the issue of the following application report.

Application requirements

A manufacturer of fitting parts wished to integrate further steps into the process: roughening the thread to ensure improved hold during sealing and marking fittings with an identification number

Special parameters

• Knurling and marking application have to be integrated in
the existing manufacturing process
• Tools must be adapted to the facing slide heads of the
revolving transfer machine
• High precision processing without damaging the profile
• Tool rotates, workpiece stands still
• Marking up to the shoulder
• Thread must not be damaged

Application optimization

In order to provide the perfect function of both tools and to avoid any damage of the thread, a special holder was used with which the knurling as well as the marking application could be integrated into the machining process. Knurling wheel and marking roll were precisely tailored to the requirements – on account of the geometry of the fitting parts, even down to their special width. This means that the thread is not damaged during machining and fittings can be easily marked up to the shoulder.


Thanks to the special tool, all machining steps were able to be combined in one machine. Both tools – for knurling and marking – are present in the machine at the same time and can be used one after the other in the production process, which, as well as reducing set up times, also makes the cycle time considerably shorter.