6 April 2017

Maximum flexibility – minimum operating cost

The marking of work pieces with production data, supplier data or with batch identifications is precondition for the placement of orders in nearly all industrial branches. Marking, done as a separate process step, causes additional preproduction and handling costs and thus unnecessarily inflates the unit costs. Hommel+Keller offers various tool systems, which allow the marking to be effected directly on the turning lathe respectively on the machining centre. This integration into the production process brings about enormous advantages:

Cost saving

• No manual production step is necessary
• Complete machining of the work piece
• No additional preproduction cost
• Shorter production and handling time
• Uniform and precise marking
• Prevention of holding and transport time
• Reduction of unit costs

Application requirements

Application: Various types of work pieces with
extremely different dimensions
Field of application: Pipe connections for hydraulic sys -
tems, water and air piping
Material: Brass / aluminium
Machine: Multispindle automatic lathes

Application example

I In this application example, further advantages could be realised by developing a customized marking tool. The following application requirements werde placed on the Hommel+Keller construction department:

• The manufacturer was looking for a marking tool that should be applicable to different types of multispindle automatic lathes (right- and left-hand turning, different types and dimensions).
• Work pieces with differtent dimensions have to be marked
• The marking should also be done within a groove (maximum radial machining depth: 8 mm)

A challenging assignment for our technicians: They designed a customized marking concept that exactly meets the user’s requirements:

Application data

Marking tool: 431-20L600606-S
Speed rate (Vc): 5 m/min
Feed rate (f): 0,1 - 0,15 mm / rev


Special tool development:
A special tool zeus 431-S was designed for this application. Based on the spring return system, it is qualified for the marking of work pieces of different dimensions (contrary to the conventional continuous roll process).

Fast and easy modification of the marking text by use of a marking segment roll. The individual segments can be exchanged fast and easily.

Special tool design:
The zeus special tool matches all multispindle automatic lathes within the user’s production plant.

The work pieces are marked in split seconds. Thanks to an extremely strong mechanical stop the tool life can be increased.

Reduced wear:
As extremely strong forces affect the work piece during the marking process, the use of a carbide metal pin prevents deformation and premature abrasive wear.

Marking within a groove:
Another challenging aspect of this application was to make sure that the tool will manage the precise and accurate marking within a groove. The solution of our experts was to apply special segments to bridge the gap (machining depth of 8 mm within the groove). To maintain the stability of these long segments during the marking process, we have especially tightened the anchoring device of the segments.

zeus 431-20L600606-S

Marking application: spring-return system