16 May 2017

Special tool: Knurling on a cone

The zeus special tool RW 161-S is designed for manufacturing two different conical knurling profiles simultaneously. The tool reduces processing time and piece costs and is suitable for small work spaces in machines

The application

• Work pieces with two differing conical knurling profiles
• Suitable for small work piece diameters

The tool - RW 161-S

• Knurling tool with two knurl holders for tangential tool direction
• Each knurl holder carries a conical knurling wheel with different profiles and pitch sizes
• Swivelling tool head for angle adjustment
• Suitable for CNC, automatic sliding head screw machines and multispindle automatic lathes

Application advantages

• Through the simultaneous working of both knurling wheels, the processing time and the piece costs are reduced.
• Improved machine space usage, as for two different knurling profiles only one tool place is occupied.
• Pressure minimizing tool construction:The double-sided guiding results in a balancing of the forces exerted on the work

Your benefits

• Reduced production times
• Improved machine usage
• Reduced investment costs safety
For special and complex applications, Hommel + Keller develops individual and reliable tooling concepts. Through the development of a customized and application oriented knurling tool, we can help you to optimize the manufacturing process and thus reduce production costs in the long-run.

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