Zeus burnishing tools

zeus burnishing tools - 2nd generation

Fine machining processes such as grinding, lapping, honing and polishing are normally per-formed as standalone pro-cesses and so can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. The zeus diamond burnishing tools can be used on all stand-ard lathes (conventional, CNC- and Swiss type lathes).

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ZEUS burnishing tools - 2nd generation

- Highest surface quality 

- burnishing the hardest materials (up to 65 HRC)

- Top surface quality

The cold deformation densifies and solidifies the surface. It is thus more resistant to wear and corrosion.

- Faster & cost-effective

The zeus burnishing tool integrates the burnishing of a component into the machining process on a machine. It can replace subsequent processing steps such as grinding, polishing, superfinishing, honing or hardening.

- Flexible

The zeus diamond burnishing tool is an all-rounder in the burnishing of surfaces - whether cylindrical, conical, convex, concave or plan surfaces.

- Compact design

Can be used on machines with limited work space.

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