Zeus Knurling Technology

Perfection in design and functionality

With knurling tools, our company is the global market leader. Our product range of zeus knurling technology offers tool solutions for a variety of applications. In addition to the standardized profiles, conical, convex, concave and special profiles are also possible.


Our product variety

For the perfect profile

The constantly increasing quality demands on surface treatment mean extraordinary requirements in knurling technology. Premium products can only be met with first-class tools or even individual tool designs in order to make the difference in appearance and functionality compared to standard products tangible to the user. Individual product solutions lead to top products.

Product catalogue of the zeus knurling tools

Cut knurling

The solution for special challenges

Cut knurling is a machining alternative. A major advantage lies in the processing of small diameters as well as thin-walled, soft or difficult to machine materials.

  • Material removal under feed
  • Machining cylindrical workpieces exclusively in the axial direction
  • To set the tool in the central region of the workpiece a puncture is required

Form knurling

Convinced by versatility

The form knurling is a non-cutting forming, which is suitable for the processing of cold formable materials.

  • All form knurling shapes and profiles can be produced.
  • Suitable for front and internal knurling
  • Knurl up to the waistband possible
  • The tool can be applied anywhere on the workpiece.

Knurling Wheels

For your individual profile

With the zeus knurling wheels, there are a large number of product variants for form knurling and cut knurling applications. In addition to the product standard, special profiles and customized knurling wheels are among the product features

Which knurling technique suits your requirements

You are unsure which knurling technique suits your requirement? For further detailed technical information on the different knurling methods, please use our technical button ,,Technical Information" or contact us directly on this site with the "Support'' Button. We gladly support you.


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