Zeus marking technology

Fast - faster- the fastest: 
marking within one second only

The fast, cost-effective and flexible alternative to laser marking, needle embossing or engraving, integrated into the processing process.

Perfect solution for every application

Zeus marking technology

in modern times

nowadays, the most modern production technologies with components and system components are absolutely essential for the marking of workpieces. Immediate traceability, batch separation and tracking as well as complete manufacturing documentation are indispensable requirements.

The Zeus marking tool is a multi-talent when marking on surface - whether oblique or spherical surface, frontally or up to the collar.

The Zeus marking advantages that convince:



The processing times are significantly shorter compared to other marking techniques such as laser marking, needle embossing etc.


Complete machining on one machine significantly reduces set-up, travel and lay times


Can be used on all conventional and CNC turning and milling centers.

Individual and precise

The scrolls or segments can be personalized, are easily interchangeable and provide the full precision and sharpness of the characters.

product catalogue of zeus marking tools

Cost saving Zeus marking tools

At a production of 100,000 pieces


The unit costs are reduced significantly!

Which marking system suits your requirements

Are you unsure which marking system suits your requirements? For more detailed technical information on the various marking processes, please use our "Technical Information" button: Marking technology" or contact us directly via the "Support" button. We will be happy to support you.


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