2 August 2017

From machining to marking – one machine for everything

In the automotive industry, it is vital that processes are highly transparent and that the different components are clearly assigned – for example, by individually marking them with serial numbers. One renowned commercial vehicle manufacturer was looking for a solution, integrated into the regular production process, to mark its idler gear bolts.

Application requirements

For identification of the components, the idler
gear bolts have to be marked with serial numbers. Integrating the lettering in the manufacturing process on a horizontal lathe is the main focus. That means carrying out all machining procedures on one single machine to save time and thus money.

Special parameters

• Small series with 1.000 - 5.000 pieces per year
• Integration into the consisting production process

Application optimization

The spring return system of the 431 tool offers full flexibility and can easily cope with the different idler gear bolt diameters. This holder can be adapted pretty fast and competitive to different texts and applications. Last but not least it‘s possible to turn around the whole carrier unit over 180°. This allows to change the reading direction in only a couple of seconds.


The marking tool 431 can provide the manufacturer of commercial vehicles and trucks with a real boost in productivity by replacing the time-consuming process of needle embossing. The idler gear bolts can now be fully machined on the horizontal lathe, which saves a huge amount of time and money.