15 August 2017

Producing conical knurling profiles precisely and cost-effectively

Conical knurlings are needed in many applications, amongst other things at windscreen wiper shafts or threaded inserts. However, such profiles represent a particular challenge and are more or less impossible to create using standard solutions. Just a perfect application for zeus special tools of Hommel+Keller.

Application requirements

A windscreen wiper shaft should be provided with an RGE-profile. The special challenge: the affected part on the shaft has an inclination angle of 19°. Moreover very tight tolerances have to be kept and no profile distortions were allowed.

Special parameters

• Small series with 1.000 - 5.000 pieces per year
• conical application
• no profile distortions allowed

Application optimization

Because of the conical knurling surface, a form knurling tool has to be used. For holder, our application engineer decided for a special tool of 161 series. This tool series reduces the lateral pressure to a minimum and enables a very gentle processing. The ratio of the number of teeth to the workpiece circumference is a further major success factor here. Only with a perfectly tailored pitch a good knurling profile can be created and a long knurling wheel life be ensured.


The integrated turret holder ensures ultra-high stability and creates a direct connection with the machine. This enables a very precise machining process and leads to an excellent result.