Marking segment n° 42


  • Especially versatile, since it is
    independent of the workpiece
  • Exchangeable segments
    enable fast, flexible, and eco-
    nomical adaptation of the text
    for different applications
  • Marking is possible at
    high speed
  • Change in reading direction
    is possible (see operating
  • Exchangeable segment
    mount unit for faster switching
    to a different text


  • The design of marking segment
    n° 42 is independent of the
    workpiece diameter
    Three driving points guarantee
    a perfect impression.
    They may be placed to the side
    of the characters
  • Marking without driving points
    is generally possible
  • Segments can be exchanged
  • Full depth and definition are
    accomplished in one go
    n All characters can be used
    as the drive, including logos,
    backslash, asterisks, number
    signs, etc.


  • Precise positioning of characters
    on workpiece circumference
  • Centre height corresponds to
    first marking point
  • Marking positions can be set
    as desired
Model 431
character height 2 mm
character height 3 mm
Order-No. 82000067 Start segment
82002237 Letter set A – Z
82000441 Number set 0 – 9
82000433 Special character (.)
82000879 Special character (/)
82000416 Special character (-)
82000065 End segment
82000067 Start segment
82002300 Letter set A – Z
82000378 Number set 0 – 9
82000041 Special character (.)
82002230 Special character (/)
82000040 Special character (-)
82000065 End segment