Marking roll n° 41


  • n Especially versatile since
    it is independent of the ­
    workpiece diameter
  • Marking is possible at
    high speed


  • The design of marking roll
    n° 41 is independent of the
    workpiece diameter
  • Three driving points guarantee
    a perfect impression.
    They may be placed to the
    side of the characters
  • Full depth and definition are
    accomplished in one go
  • All characters can be used
    as the drive, including logos,
    backslash, asterisks, number
    signs, etc.


  • Precise positioning of ­characters
    on workpiece circumference
  • Centre height corresponds to
    first marking point
  • Marking positions can be set
    as desired
  • No problem to mark workpieces
    all the way to the collar
Model 422
Order-No. Special design
on request